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There is constant depletion of soil quality due to the increasing pollution in the environment. Use of harmful chemicals to replenish the lost fertility of the soil and to prevent decay and damage of crops has led to various health risks to consumers of agro products. Hence, the entire focus has shifted from chemical fertilizers and pesticides to biological formulations. We understand that bio pesticides and fertilizers are better substitutes of their chemical counterparts as they have the capacity to overcome all the issues related to soil quality and plant growth. Thus, we, as a profound organic pesticides manufacturer, exporter and supplier, started developing a wide range of organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, organic larvicides, plant growth promoters, etc. Our entire range is completely safe for use and will surely provide ultimate satisfaction not only to the farmers, but also to the consumers with safe to consume agro products, fruits and vegetables. We are growing at a continuous pace every year with our qualitative collection of products, their optimum quality, easy availability and pocket friendly rates. We preserve the quality of our products by consistent quality testing activities. Each and every product has to undergo rigorous quality checking procedures before release into the market. Our experienced team of quality inspectors make it sure that every product surpasses all the standards and norms laid down by the agricultural industry before getting a green signal. We make certain that the entire ranges of our products are of optimum quality, effective under natural environment and are unadulterated.

Our company manufactures fish farming products and animal feed supplements in addition to the agricultural products. Our animal feed supplements are enriched with vitamins and minerals, growth promoters and microbial based probiotics for healthy and disease free development of domesticated animals. The fish farming products are too supplemented with vitamins & minerals, diseases control agents, growth promoters and microbial based probiotics for quality production to benefit our fish farmers.

Our company values relies in:

  • Best Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Empathy towards Nature
  • Improvisation through practice
  • Integrity & Transparency

  • Certification

    Indochem Agrovet has a third party arrangement for organic certification of farm and farm produce. Our close strategic association with accredited certification agencies Pan-India ensures fast, smooth and reliable process of certification at low cost.

    Input Supply

    We supply new generation plant protectants, organic manures, soil ameliorants and plant growth promoters.

    Market Linkage

    The vision is to transform our farmers from subsistence to commercial agriculture by integrating small holder farmers into the Agricultural Value Chain. Our aim is to support farmers so that we can provide Market Oriented Agricultural Advisory Services. The Agribusiness and Market linkages under Indochem Agrovet ensures the integration of smallholder farmers into agricultural value chains and support of selected strategic partnerships for value addition and Market linkage.

    Other Services

    • Farm Advisory
    • Farm Waste Management
    • Composting of Farm Waste

    Ready to get started

    By using our product farmers can maximize profit in farming, as a result their lifestyle is improved and can live a better life.


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