Growth promoter and yield enhancer
Vigora is a brassinolides based growth are natural plant growth substances that are considered to be the new generation plant growth hormones after auxius, gibberelins, cytokinins, abscissic and ethylene. Vigora is a bio-stimulant which enhances fertility of floral organs leading to increased productivity and quality.

Product benefits:

  • Improves growth by initiating cell division cell elongation.
  • Increases levels of endogenous hormones and enzymes.
  • Promotes pollen germination, fertilization, fruit set and yield.
  • Imparts resistance to plants from stress such as drought, frost injury.
  • Enhances yield along with quality.

  • Dosage and Spray schedule:
    Vigora is to be sprayed @100ml per acre in two split doses. First dose @50ml per acre at the time of flowering or full bloom. Second dose @50ml per acre 7-10 days after first spray.

    Vigora is compatible with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and micronutrients commonly used by the farmers. Vigora mixed with most of these common agro-chemicals after diluting with water separately.

    Use conditions:
    Vigora is should be sprayed during the cool hours of morning or evening Spraying during high velocity winds should be avoided in case of rainfall within 2 hours of the spray, repeat the spray.

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