Neem Extract based organic insect repellent.

What is Vigil

  • Indochem Vigil is neem based insect repellent containing all goodness of neem.
  • Indochem Vigil possesses strong repellent and antifeedant properties.
  • Indochem Vigil renders crop plants unattractive or unpalatable to insect pests for feeding and reproduction.

  • Product concept of Vigil: Continuous and indiscriminate use of synthetic insecticides leads to many problems such as:

  • Environmental Pollution.
  • Health hazards due to high residues.
  • Destruction of beneficial insects such as parasites, predators.
  • Development of pest resistance to insecticides.
  • Secondary outbreak of minor pests.

  • Such improper use of insecticides has created in the need for introduction of safer and effective bio-degradable pest control compounds with greater selectivity.
    Vigil acts on sucking and chewing pests.

    Dosage: 2 ml per liter water foliar spray.

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