Botanical AcaricideFor Best Protection of your crop:

  • Safaya is a botanical acaricide containing phyto alkaloids.
  • Safaya is a eco friendly product.
  • Use of Safaya mobility of Jasmonic Acid (a natural protection) in the plant system and also increases in vivo production of natural protectants like - tannins, phenols, coumar feurana, coumarines etc. These natural molecules protect plants from different types of mites so plants remain green and healthy.

  • Time of Application : Should be sprayed early after observing the eggs, larva, nymph on the plant. Should ensure proper coverage of the plant.

    Compatibility: Compatible with most pesticides and growth promoters.

  • Effective against each stage of mites.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • Effective against resistant mites.
  • Broad acaricidal spectrum.
  • Good trans laminar action.

    Brinjal, Chili, Beans, Ladies, Finger, Cucurbits, Gourd etc.Different types of mites1 – 1.5ml / liter water
    Pointed Gourds, Bitter GourdsRed spider mites and other mites1 – 1.5ml / liter water
    TeaRed spider mites and other mites1 – 1.5ml / liter water

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