The excessive and improper use of chemical fertilizers is leading towards the fast deterioration of physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. The soil conditions have to be improved so that it supports efficient crop growth and productivity. Again, there are problems of loss of applied fertilizers by way of leaching, volatilization, gentrification of nitrogen and fixation of phosphorus etc.

What is Nutri Power?

Nutri Power is scientifically prepared organic manure. It is prepared from well-processed biomass, plant resources like neem cake, Karanja cake, Castor cake etc., which releases long lasting and easily available macro, micro and trace elements. Nutri Power is an Eco-Friendly Product. 

Nutritive value of Nutri Power:

  1. It is an organic source of Nitrogenous, Phosphatic and Potashic fertilizer besides having a large amount of organic matter.
  2. It contains Nitrogen (N): 2%-3%, Phosphate: (P2O5) 1%-2%, Potash: (K2O) 1% - 2%
  3. It also contains large amount of organic matter having 16% of organic carbon, major elements and micro nutrients.
  4. The ingredients of Nutri Power are taken from natural sources due to which the percentage of NPK and organic carbon may vary slightly.

A few important features of Nutri Power:

  1. Nutri Power improves soil-aeration.
  2. Nutri Power improves the water holding capacity of soil.
  3. Nutri Power regulates the soil temperature.
  4. Nutri Power releases plant nutrients slowly, continuously and for a longer period.
  5. Nutri Power helps in better root formation
  6. Nutri Power has no problem of Residue-Toxicity of pesticides or heavy metal.
  7. Nutri Power protects the soil from damages due to over/imbalance use of fertilizers.

Benefits of Nutri Power

  1. Fully decomposed organic manure.
  2. Enriched with millions of beneficial nitrogen fixing bacteria.
  3. Fortified with neem, castor and pongamia cakes.
  4. Rich in humus and free from weed seeds.
  5. Contains Neem and Castor which are pest repellents.
  6. Non toxic, environmentally friendly and ecologically compatible.
Dosage of Nutri Power: Field crops: 250-500Kg / Acre; Vegetable & Flower Crops: 350-600Kg/ Acre; Banana: 2 Kg /Plant; Fruit Crops: 5-10 kg/ Plant

Presentation: 50 kg HDPE Bag

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