Magnesium Sulphate

(Agricultural Grade)

Magnesium is very essential nutrient as it occupies the central spot in the chlorophyll molecule indispensable for photosynthesis.  Banana, cotton, sugarcane and other plantation crops requires produce quality yield. In cotton, Magnesium deficiency cause red leaf disease.  Banana requires more Magnesium than Phosphorus and it keeps the leaf green. In the plantation crops, Magnesium is considered to be the fourth important nutrient as far as the quantity of various plant nutrients is concerned.

Direction for use:  For foliar spray: Dissolve 500gm of Magnum 200 liters of water and spray liberally on both the surface of leaves.

Spray Schedule:  Give to foliar sprays during the cropping period after 30 days of germination or transplantation, with an interval of 20-25 days. In case of cotton, we recommend three sprays which will help in controlling red leaf disease.


Symptoms: Magnesium deficiency symptoms are red leaf in cotton and in other Plant interval chlorisis of older leaves in which veins remain green and interveinal area turns yellow. Leaves drop prematurely.

  • Magnesium keeps plant the healthy, greener and very attractive.
  • Magnesium helps in resistance of diseases and helps absorption of other nutrients from the soli.
  • Corrects and prevents magnesium deficiency in Plants

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