For best protection of your crops.

  1. Hooper is a botanical crop protectant containing phyto alkaloids, tanins,  terpenoids,  lactones etc.
  2. Hooper activates mobility of Jasmonic Acid (a natural protectant) in the plant system and also increases in vivo production of natural protectant like - tannins, phenols, coumar feurana, coumarines etc.
  3. Hooper is an eco friendly product.
  4. Hooper extends protection from borers, helicoverpa, spodoptera, earias, bunch caterpillars, looper caterpillars, leaf folders, army worm, cut worm etc.
  5. Hooper increase the immunity of the plant, so plant becomes greener and healthy.
Brinjal,  Chilli,  Beans, Tomato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Gourds, cucurbits and other vegetablesFruit and shoot borer, caterpillars etc.1 - 1.5 ml / liter water
TEALooper caterpillars, Bunch caterpillars, Red Slag,Cut worm etc.0.5 – 1ml / liter water
Different types of flowers and fruit cropsFruit and shoot borer, leaf folder, caterpillars,Cut worm etc.1 - 1.5 ml / liter water

Compatibility: compatible with most pesticides and growth promoters.

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