FORTIS is a scientifically balanced formulation of soil ameliorant and crop enhancer.


FORTIS is compatible with other fertilizer which are not alkaline in reaction. FORTIS is non poisonous and hazards when used as directed FORTIS is used on basal dosage before sowing time.


  • Helps in amending the ph of alkaline soils, there by better uptake of other nutrients.
  • Helps in synthesis of protein, enzymes& vitamins.
  • Promotes nodulation in the legume, there by helps in nitrogen fixation.
  • Improves soil structure and increases fertility of the land.
  • Improves moisture holding capacity of the soil.

  • DOSAGE:  3 to 6 KG PER ACRE

    COMPOSITION:  Humic Acid - 5% Hydrolyzed Protein – 15%, Adjuvants & Inter Material – 80%

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