Water soluble Silicon

Ecosil is based on soluble silicon it is being introduced first time in India. Ecosil helps plants to resist salt& mineral Toxicity aids in resistance to drought by reducing water loss& induces resistance to fungal diseases & sucking pests.

Benefits of Ecosil :

  1. Provides resistance to mineral stress.
  2. Decreases Climate stress.
  3. Improves crop vigour and quality.
  4. Increases growth and yield.
  5. Aids in resistance to drought by reducing water loss.
  6. Induces Systemic Aquired Resistance.
  7. Prevents Insect damage from sucking insects.
  8. Reduces fungus damage by preventing fungus from penetrating leaf surface.

Dosage : Mix 1ml Ecosil 1ltr. water for foliar spray on interval of one month. In drought prone areas apply at on interval of 10-15 day.

Packing : 100 ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1ltr.

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