Composition%( w/w)Total Solids 75.00% (Min.)(Comprising of complex of Alkaloids extracted fromLantana Camera and Adhatoda vasica)Surface active agents, emulsifiers & functional media 25.00% (Max), Total 100.00%

Dosage:  2grm per liter of waterThe characteristic of total solids in each formula is distinct and specific to the target diseases / pests due to technology applied in extraction process. CHARGE-X has been tested for phyto-toxicity at different Agriculture and has shown no phyto-toxicity even at much higher concentrations. Still, as a matter of precaution, it is advised to spray the CHARGE-X (in recommended concentration) on a small strip and observe before full-scale application, if there is a concern on sensitivity of CHARGE-X under certain conditions.

Note: - The active constituents are not listed under ClB & FCO. The product is approved for use in organic production by Vedic organic certification Agency accredited by Agricultural & processed Food Export Development Authority, Ministry of Industry& Commerce, Government of India. Percentage of active constituents is subject to change or varies depending upon the storage conditions and exposure to heart or sunlight.

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