Boostee is a new generation brassinolide based plant growth promoter for tea.


  • Hamobrassinolide : 0.04% w/w min
  • Emulrifier and Adjuvants : 2% w/w min
  • Solvant : Q.S.

  • Boostee is a Bio stimulant which increases more number of pluck-able shoots per unit area, leading to higher yield of tea.
    1. Increases leaf area and high photosynthetic activity.
    2. More number of pluck able shoots per unit area higher yield of tea.
    3. Early bud-break of dormant bushes leading to more pluck able leaves
    4. Reduction in ‘bhanji buds’
    5. Better synthesis of amino acid, proteins and other metabolites
    6. Better quality of tea leaves
    7. Tea bushes are protected from vageries of climate highly tea bushes

    DOSAGE: For foliar application mix 100ml Boostee with adequate quantities of water spraying on hectare.

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