Broad Spectrum Sanitizer and Disinfectant for Aquaculture Ponds

  • Very effective for VIRUS, BACTERIA, PROTOZOANS and FUNGI develops in aquaculture ponds
  • Prevents and controls bacterial diseases caused due to Vibrio, Psuedomonas, Aeromonas etc.
  • Prevents and controls majority of Virus etc.
  • Prevents and controls protozoan infections like vorticella, Zoothamnium, Fusarium etc.
  • Provides the safety to prawn fish from water born diseases
  • It is very safe, non toxic, bio degradable and functions well in wide range of pH in aquaculture ponds
  • Animals will not feel much stress while functioning the product

  • Composition: 1,5-Pentanedial (C5H802): 15%, Akybenzyt - dimethylammonium chloride (C6H5CH2N(CH3)2RCI): 10%, Excipients : Q.S.

    Dosage: Per hectareRegular use once in 3 weeks : 2 liters.Risk conditions like heavy pathogenic microbial loads : Double the dose (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

    Application:Take the recommended quantity of JALMAGIC in 50-100 liter of pond water and sprinkle all over the pond uniformly.

    Packing:250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 5ltrs. Plastic Container

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